6 years back, when I stepped into the kitchen to make my first body scrub, having failed to find one in the market, little did I know that it was my eureka moment.

What started as an experiment to create something natural, pure, and handcrafted only for myself soon reached several women not only in India but around the world.

..and when the repeat orders & beautiful reviews kept coming in despite no marketing or publicity, I knew I had created something worthwhile.

It was then that I realized that no matter who the woman is, just like me, she wanted beautiful, pure, honest products. Products that touched not just her body but also her soul.

Products that nurtured her but not at the cost of mother nature.

Products that had a conscience and would not harm nature and animals thru their making.

Products that were transparent in what they carried inside and what they were made of. Products that were simple in composition but
high on effectiveness.

...And through the years we have strived to provide our customers all this

and much more through our brand ‘Wild Earth'.

‘Femnora' has been a beautiful journey of learning, growing, and evolving.

And no evolution is complete without deep introspection on what or who has been the most important in this journey.

And that important person is you. So while ‘Wild Earth’ our brand name, beautifully captured what our products stood for, we now want to shift the focus to the most important person, the woman who uses our products. Going forward, we wanted our brand to be about you, more than us.

...And hence ‘FEMNORA’.

‘Femnora’, meaning ‘Light Of A Woman’ captures and embodies the true spirit of what a woman stands for. Spreading light wherever she goes. Burning bright amidst all upheavals.

Beautiful in all her trials & triumphs and Illuminating lives with her inner radiance. You are a ‘FEMNORA’ woman for us.

We are grateful to you for carrying our torch and supporting us in our journey so far.

We hope and wish that you will walk alongside us in our forward journey with ‘FEMNORA’ too.

And together, we shall carry the mantle of sisterhood into the future whilst spreading our light wherever we go.


Shabia Walia