Play Holi but don’t let Holi play havoc with your skin & hair.

Play Holi but don’t let Holi play havoc with your skin & hair.

This Holi, do yourself a favour. Save your skin, hair and eyes from the onslaught of harsh chemicals. If you are someone who cannot resist the lure of drenching in Holi colours, here are a few tips to protect your skin and hair both during and after Holi.

For starters, do not get any chemical treatments, bleaching, peeling etc a week before Holi. The treatment could react with Holi colours and cause allergies, itching, burning etc.

Before you go out to play, apply coconut oil on your skin and hair. The layer of oil will protect your skin and hair from the harmful effects of the colours and not allow them to stick. They will also be easily washable later.

Cover your body as much as you can with scarves, full sleeves and cotton trousers or pants. This way you will keep your skin safe from colours. Cover your hair with a scarf, cap or a hat.

As much as possible, choose organic & natural colours to play Holi. Avoid using harsh and chemically laden strong colours.

Never let anyone throw or apply colour on your eyes. Do not do the same to others too. If you wear contact lenses, switch to spectacles on Holi day.

Keep yourself well hydrated.

After you have played Holi, have a shower with a gentle cleansing soap or body wash and hair cleanser. Do not scrub your hair or body too harshly.

If the colours do not come off, use soap a second time and rinse it off. Dry yourself and moisturise your body well with an intense moisturiser as colours and water dry out your skin. Use a leave in conditioner for your hair to keep it soft.

If the colour still does not come off from certain parts of your body, rub lemon wedges into those parts and rinse off. Moisturise well. A pack of besan and water or Multani mitti and water works well too.

If your eyes feel itchy or dry, use cooling eye drops. If irritation or itchiness persists, show it to a doctor immediately.

Lastly do not waste a lot of water on Holi and never put colours on animals. In fact, switch to dry and natural Holi this year.

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