7 secrets of people with great skin

7 secrets of people with great skin


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Do you envy people with great skin? I do.

Have you ever wondered what is it that they are doing right and where you are going wrong?

You are investing in all the right products, have a skincare routine in place and yet your skin does not have that glow which the blessed ones have. 

So after talking to a number of people who I thought had great skin, I came upon these 7 secrets which they follow on a daily basis. And here I am about to reveal them to you.

Primarily, the ones with great skin have figured out that great skin comes from the inside, not from the outside. A distressed interior can never sparkle on the outside. Yes beauty products can enhance, prevent and preserve from the outside but none can match the glow a clean, beautiful inside brings.

So how do you get your inner beauty in place so your outer beauty could reflect that?

1) Sleep, Sleep you beautiful. I won't get stubborn on the hours but whatever time you spend between the sheets, make them worthwhile. let it be good, deep, restful sleep, the kind that has you jumping out of bed in the morning ready to take on the world. Sleep is the time when your body and skin both repair, recharge and rejuvenate. Make sure to give them this time of healing and restoration.


woman sleeping on blue throw pillow2) Suncreen your way to good skin. If you were asked to be marooned on a beautiful island, this is the only beauty product you should ask for to take with you. Sun damage is singularly responsible for dark spots, pigmentation, early wrinkles, tanning and of course the harmful uv rays can cause skin cancer too. 

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3) Go colourful with your food. Think black grapes, red carrots, purple beetroot, green spinach, yellow lemons, red apples, got my point? the more colours on your plate, the more antioxidants in your body which means more the soldiers to fight effects of stress, pollution, bad sugars, processed foods and all other things not kind to your skin and body.

assorted vegetable and flower lot4) Detox, Fast, Inner Cleansing whatever you call it, do it. if you are constantly munching on food or sipping away mindlessly on drinks, your body gets no time to heal and recuperate. All its doing the entire day is digestion. So have your meals on time, give enough time in between to your inner organs to do their work and rest. Thats where the magic happens.

clear glass mason jar with red liquid and lemon beside5) Exercise everyday to get the good hormones to kick in and the toxins to be expelled out. Get your heart pumping again and find the joy of having a fit body. Nothing to lose here at all. And the side effects of all this? Great skin, which I am sure you won't mind.

woman doing yoga post during golden hour6) Be mindful of what you put on your body. Almost 70% of what you put or apply on your body gets absorbed by your skin. So make that count by using as less harmful chemicals as you can. Read labels, choose natural and go minimal. Added advantage is that you also contribute to the environment by doing so.

7) Go easy on Sugar, Sweetie! Refined and processed sugar is nothing but poison for your body causing inflammation, breakouts, acne, stressed skin, blotchiness, dullness and even blood pressure and diabetes. If you must, fill yourself with natural sugars. They are good for your body and good for your skin too.

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Being mindful of what you consume and what you do will surely help you in maintaining a beautiful inside and once the inside is taken care of, your outer beauty will shine as well. Your outer being is a reflection of who and how you are inside. So stay happy, mindful, at peace and see these reflected on your face as well.

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I wish you all great abundance!