7 deadly sins you must absolutely avoid if you want great skin

7 deadly sins you must absolutely avoid if you want great skin

So in my last blog I mentioned the top seven secrets of people with great skin. Today I shall reveal the top seven deadly sins that will undo all the good you are doing for your skin every day. So if you are someone who wants great skin then these are the top seven since you should stay away from. 

1) Not drinking enough water – Water is the Elixer of life. It's what keeps your skin looking hydrated fresh and glowing. Not having enough water during the day leaves your skin parched, dull ad sagging. Dry skin also leads to early onset of fine lines and wrinkles. Having a good amount of water also keeps away acne as water is known to flush away toxins from your body. So do stock up on this Elixer of life.

2) Sleeping on your stomach – As much as you would love sleeping on your stomach remember that you are causing friction between your face and the pillow leading to fine lines and early onset of wrinkles. It's a known fact that people who sleep on their stomach and up with deep lines on their forehead which not even the best anti-ageing creams can reverse. 

3) Holding your mobile phone against your face – your mobile phone is a breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria. So using it against your face for long hours every day transfers all that bacteria dirt and grime to your face resulting in pimples, breakouts, acne and even bacterial infections. It would be a good idea to use headphones or switch on the speaker on your mobile phone.

4) Smoking – research shows that people who smoke have a dull lifeless skin as the nicotine in cigarettes prevents or reduces the production of collagen. It also prevents and reduces blood flow to your face thereby making the face look dull and aged. So if you want great skin, quit the nicotine.

5) Sleeping with your make-up on – the skin heals rejuvenate and restore is it self at night while you sleep. Not removing make up before sleeping does exactly the opposite. The dirt, grime, dust and make up clog your pores thereby preventing your skin from healing itself. It can also lead to dull, skin sagging, forming of fine lines, breakouts and early onset of wrinkles. So no matter how tired you are, do remember to clean your skin at night. Having a bottle of cleansing milk and some cotton buds will motivate you to clean up before shuteye.

6) Using dirty make up brushes and sponges – the reason for this is the same as sleeping with your make-up on or using your mobile phone against your face. Make up brushes and sponges are breeding grounds for all kinds of bacteria and by using them without cleaning will have you breaking out in acne, clogging of pores, unhealthy skin and sometimes even skin infections. So do wash your brushes and sponges regularly and change them after they have fulfilled their lifespan.

7) Giving your neck the step motherly treatment – Your face is the highlight of your personality but neglecting your neck will only do the opposite. A glowing face on a wrinkled neck will do you no good, so do remember to extend the love of skin care products and routines to your neck too. In fact it's always good to remember that fine lines and wrinkles of an end up showing on the neck first.

So these are the seven deadly sins you need to stay away from for healthy skin. What is your deadly sin with regards to your skin? Do write in the comments. I would love to know.

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