Easy Natural Living

Easy Natural Living

Going natural isn't as difficult as you think. If you take baby steps into it, it won't overwhelm you and you won't give up halfway. Here are some easy ways to adapt to a natural lifestyle.

1) Go clutter free - We humans have a tendency to hoard and collect clutter. We always have more than we need and always want more than we have. Keeping a check on the essentials and reducing what we can do without can be the first important step to going natural. It frees up space in not just your home but also your life and your mind. Try it.

2) Do what comes naturally to you. Breathing easy, laughing, being yourself, being childlike are things which are supposed to come naturally to us. But somewhere weighed by the stress of daily life, these have become precious, rare and occasional indulgences. Stop being like the next person or trying to make others happy all the time. This is a great gift you can give yourself. Be your natural self. It takes a lot of work off your shoulders.

3) Let your world be - Your world is your home. It should be the way you want it to be, not what an interior magazine tells you or a copy of your rich neighbour's home. Most of our lives are spent making a home which others will like and not us. Own up every corner of your home the way you want it to be.

4) Simple is easy, always - The simpler you keep your approach to life and every thing in it, the easier it is. Stick to your principles. Walk away from anything which belittles you. Fight for your self respect. Keep your dignity intact. Show and receive love effortlessly. Be grateful for everything you have. And last but not the least, give back a part of what you receive to those who cannot repay you.

Living natural starts in your mind. Once it starts there, it will on its own seep into the other areas of your life. Be it your home or what you eat, everything will reflect your natural way of being. Ironically we all started natural but somewhere along the way, lost our paths. Not too late to return though. Nature beckons us.

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