Yes Retinol Is Popular But What If It Doesn't Suit You?

Yes Retinol Is Popular But What If It Doesn't Suit You?


Over the years, Retinol has emerged as a popular Anti Aging Ingredient but there is a considerable sized population that find Retinol drying to their skin leaving inflamed, peeling, irritated skin behind. Other side effects could be itchiness, sun sensitivity, redness & severe breakouts for those who have acne prone skin.

Does this mean that people with sensitive or acne prone skin give up on anti aging? Thankfully, the answer is no and there are quite a few alternatives to Retinol that are as effective, if not more to prevent and delay onset of aging skin.

Broadly retinoid is the term used under which Retinol & all other retinoids fall. R etinoids are derivatives of Vitamin A and Retinol is Vitamin A1.

Apart from the above surface level side effects, a few studies have also shown to cause birth defects in kids of women who used Retinol during pregnancy. hence Retinol or Retinoids is not recommended to pregnant women or women who are nursing young infants.

How does one then get around not using this popular & effective ingredient thats almost hailed by the entire world as the most potent anti aging ingredient?

Fortunately there are are a few plant based Retinols that are as effective and result giving, a few being Bakuchiol, Rose Hip Oil and Beta Carotene. These are as effective in reducing fine lines & pigmentation minus the stinging and irritation caused by Retinol. Whats more, these are safe for pregnant & nursing mothers too. In Bakuchiol's favour, it also helps collagen production thus increasing skin elasticity.

There are quite a few products out there today that provide better results than Retinol, especially if you have sensitive skin prone to side effects. These products use plant based anti aging ingredients like ginseng, carrotseed oil, grape seed oil, papaya extracts & wheat germ oil. These are magical ingredients that deliver on their anti aging promise minus any side effects. 

So if you are someone who is looking for an alternative to Retinol for your anti aging needs, try using products with the above ingredients in combination. 

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Not all that is mainstream and popular will suit everyone but thankfully there are plenty of alternatives that can save your day. Nature and Ayurveda, thankfully have most of the answers and thats truly heartening for the minority few with whom popular choices may not agree. 

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